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SL-T2DC Waterproof Touch Screen keypad/proximity unit

SL-T2DC Waterproof Touch Screen keypad/proximity unit

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IP67 Waterproof Touch Screen RFID Access Control Systems

  • Additional Information

    A standalone keypad with proximity access if required. This will allow an authorised user to activate an electric release mechanism by typing in the appropriate code or offering up a valid fob or card. 

    The SL-T2DC  is a sleek, robust, surface mount unit, simple to install and to programme. 

    It can be used with as a coded keypad only   or as a proximity reader only or as a proximty + Pin unit  

    • up to 2000 users as pin or prox only
    • up to 1000 users for pin and prox  if used on thier own 
    • read range 2-6cm
    • Adjustable lock time. 0-99s (5 secs default) 
    • Back lit keypad
    • Operates 12 vdc
    • Operating temperature range. -40℃ ~ 70° degrees Celsius
    • Indoor or outdoor use. IP67 rated.
    • Doorbell interface


    Dimensions: 115 x 75 x 18mm

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  • Additional Information

    If using proximity access please add cards or fobs as required:

    Options are.

    ISOprox cards





    We offer these as options as it can be useful if you have an existing system on site and wish to use the same cards or tags. 



You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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