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ACT Prox Fob-B - EM10T3

ACT Prox Fob-B - EM10T3


EM10T3: -Pack of 10 ISO Proximity fob for use ACT range of readers.



The ACT5 Prox and the ACTSmart reader MUST use this fob. 


ACTPro readers can use the ACT Prox Fob-B EM10T3 IF the system was installed after  2018 but if installed before 2018  please use ACT_125_FOB_B  EM10T1 

  • Additional Information

    ISO proximity fob. Pack of 10 fobs.

    Main Features

      • ACT prox key fob
      • Extremely robust
      • Max range – 8 cm
      • Supplied in packs of 10


      • ACT 5e prox (standalone range)
      • ACTsmart2 1070 (smart range)
      • ACTsmart2 1070PM (smart range)
      • ACTsmart2 1080 (smart range)
      • ACTpro 1030e (pro range)
      • ACTpro 1030PM (pro range)
      • ACTpro 1040e (pro range)
      • ACTpro 1050e (pro range)
      • ACTentry V-IPX (entry range)

    All of which can be purchased from us here at Safelink.

  • Trade Discounts

    If you are 'trade' you can apply for a 'trade log in' which will give you access to the Safelink trade discount store:  apply for trade status here.

  • Important Purchasing Information:

    There has been a compatability  issue with some ACT cards and fobs and therfore careful consideration must be paid when ordering. 

    For ACT5-EM and ACTSmart 2 contollers  you can only use the EM10C3 card or the EM10T3 tag 

    If you have a controller on your system and it was installed BEFORE 2018 you will need to order EM10T1 tags or EM10C1 cards. 

    For system with a controller that was installed after 2018 you should be able to use either type. 


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer
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