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Comelit. LOGOS Video monitor.   LS8731

Comelit. LOGOS Video monitor. LS8731


Logos series hands-free, surface-mounted door entry monitor with 5-inch colour display. Simplebus 2 system. 

  • Additional information

    The LS8731 Logos handsfree monitor has backlit buttons for the audio and to end communication as well as 4 programmable mechanical buttons, which are pre-configured to trigger the actions that the user uses most:

    • electric lock,
    • memovideo,
    • control of an actuator,
    • and self activation.

    On the side of the door entry monitor there are buttons for setting the Silent mode, with related graphic and visual signals, as well as buttons for accessing the menu and for navigation.

    The metal backplate, which ensures that it is firmly and securely fixed, and the riser distribution terminal (item 1214/2C) are supplied.

  • Additional information

    In the menu, the user can set the brightness, contrast, colour and ringtone volume, among other settings.

    As for the ringtone, the user can also choose from several melodies. The buttons at the centre of each row are tactile so that they can be easily identified by the visually impaired.

     It comes standard with the floor door call. The floor door call input can also be configured to remotely control the key button, an actuator (generic or with code) or send a panic call.

    The door entry monitor is equipped with NFC connection to fully program the device using a smartphone and the MyComelit app, even if the video door entry monitor is switched off. 



  • Dimensions and Downloads

    Dimensions (L x H x D): 135 x 170 x 23 mm



You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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