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AES Cellcom Lite.  GSM intercom

AES Cellcom Lite. GSM intercom

PriceFrom £429.00

GSM Inercom system with free AES Lite app for installer programming.

100% marine grade stainless steel panel. 


  • Additional information

    • Calls your home phone and mobiles.

    • GSM intercom for unlimited range access control.

    • Free AES Lite app for installer programming.

    • Homeowner can use app to operate relay/gate.

    • 3 dial out numbers.

    • 25 permanent CID numbers.

    • 25 permanent keypad codes.

    • 1 relay.

    • Abort call function.

    • Disabling latching via DTMF.

    • Dialling to a switchboard.

  • Dimensions and Downloads

    Lite-IB-EU: 100 x 165 x  53mm

    Lite-IBK-EU: 100 x 278 x 53mm 

    Lite-ARC-IB-EU: 100 x 193 x 48mm

    Lite-ARC-IBK-EU: 100 x 193 x 48 mm


    Cellcom lite data sheet 

  • Specifications

    Dial Out Numbers 3

    Relays 1

    Permanent Codes 25

    Relay Type N/C and N/O

    Permanent Caller ID Numbers 25

    Relay Load 2 amps, 24v ac max

    Power Consumption 100mA on dial out, 220mA peak demand

    Power Supply 24v dc (24v dc 2A adaptor included)

    Modem Models 4G Europe, 4G USA, 4G AUS/N


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer