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Product Update from Golmar

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Golmar have sent information on some product updates and we have listed them here for you.

Golmar Soul Panel
Golmar Soul Panel

The Soul Video kits currently have the standard finish panel but we can swap this out for you on request.

The Soul/1B has all the features of the Soul/1 video panel including:

  • Built in RFID proximity access

  • Wide angle lens camera

  • Status indication lights and acoustic tones

  • Two lock outputs

  • Rain shield

  • IK07 and IP44 resistance ratings

In the G2+ range the Art4/G2+ Lite monitor is now also available in Black - at no additional cost.

The Art4B/G2+ Lite monitor has all the features of the Art 4/G2+ Lite monitor

  • Door panel preview

  • Integration with CCTV camera

  • Intercommunication

  • Two locks activation

  • Selectable ringtones

  • Do not disturb function

  • Doorbell input

  • Staircase lighting relay.

The Art4/G2+ Lite monitor is also available with Wi-Fi connectivity Art4W/G2+ Lite

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