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Product Update from Golmar

Updated: Sep 26

Golmar have sent information on some product updates and we have listed them here for you.

Golmar Soul Panel
Golmar Soul Panel

G2+ Soul Panel: The Soul video panel is now available in a black finish.

The Soul Video kits currently have the standard finish panel but we can swap this out for you on request.

The Soul/1B has all the features of the Soul/1 video panel including:

  • Built in RFID proximity access

  • Wide angle lens camera

  • Status indication lights and acoustic tones

  • Two lock outputs

  • Rain shield

  • IK07 and IP44 resistance ratings

In the G2+ range the Art4/G2+ Lite monitor is now also available in Black - at no additional cost.

The Art4B/G2+ Lite monitor has all the features of the Art 4/G2+ Lite monitor

  • Door panel preview

  • Integration with CCTV camera

  • Intercommunication

  • Two locks activation

  • Selectable ringtones

  • Do not disturb function

  • Doorbell input

  • Staircase lighting relay.

The Art4/G2+ Lite monitor is also available with Wi-Fi connectivity Art4W/G2+ Lite

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