Functional interface speaker module 1 button "2Wire" 

Videx 8203-1/S Speaker Unit front panel module for VX2200 digital system. It incorporates the functional interface connections from functional to digital and the speaker unit module 1 call button. programming is carried out via dip switches on the rear of the module.

Videx 8203-1/S Speaker Unit

  • Features:

    • 1 Call push button
    • Steel finish – is also available in aluminium
    • Digital front panel module based on a “2 Wire” BUS intercom system – enables the connection of traditional push buttons
    • Housed in a single 8000 series module
    • Enables the connection of up to 64 functional push buttons using standard extension module panels  Art. 8843, 8844, 8845 etc. (The 8203 is also available with 2 buttons or no buttons)


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