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PAC / Simplekey remote antenna

PAC / Simplekey remote antenna


PAC Receiver.

The versatile Receiver allows remote opening of car park barriers, gates, garage doors, DDA applications etc

  • Remote Antenna

    The PAC / Simplkey  SK9014 is a remote antenna used to boost the range of the radio receiver (SK9011), the antenna is supplied with a mount for installing it on a surface, as well as a 3 metre long cable for connection.

    Most commonly it is used with gate automation and or opening of a garage door. The receiver has a clear field range of up to 100 metres.

    • Field range of 100 metres Line of sight 
    • Can be surface mounted
    • Frequency: 868 MHz


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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