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GSM4K - 1S    Videx 2G GSM Kit

GSM4K - 1S Videx 2G GSM Kit

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£383.63Sale Price

Current offer - 2017 prices!!! while stocks last.

Surface mounted GSM Door Entry System employing 2G mobile phone technology to communicate and operate doors and automatic gates.

Buit in proximity feature - includes starter paack of 3 fobs. 

  • Additional information

    Based on the 4000 Series door entry panel design, the GSM amplifier is totally self contained and only requires an external power supply and antenna  - supplied in this kit 


    • Can dial any land line or mobile number
    • Also has ability to divert a call to a second number when first is busy or not answered
    • Dry contact relay output
    • Auxiliary output (open collector)
    • Push to exit and auxiliary inputs
    • Programmable via SMS or dial in
    • It is possible to check the signal strength via SMS
    • Furthermore, the programming menu protected by programmable 4 digit code.
    • And finally, there is an automatic call facility to retain the network connection if the system is not used for long periods of time.
  • Additional information

    The 4G GSM PRO intercoms are manufactured in the popular 4000 series modular range with a new sleek and elegant style speaker grill that also incorporates a built-in proximity reader.

    The GSM modules front fascia includes DDA compliant call progress LED’s - “busy”, “call”, “speak” and “door open” with accompanying reassurance tones as well as speech annunciation to assist the caller in every step of the call process.

    The built-in proximity access reader is located behind the lower nameplate window for button 1 and is compatible with the Videx proximity key fobs 955/T, 955/B, 955/R, 955/Y, 955/G and Videx proximity card 955/C

  • Kit comprises of:

    1 button 4000 series door panel- surface mount

    4810-1/2G  1 button panel

    4881 surface box

    HDR-15-12  PSU 

    432 GSM antenna 

    9557 fobs x 3 


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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