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Nexa Surface Backbox with Rainshield

Nexa Surface Backbox with Rainshield

PriceFrom £107.95

A surface mounting backbox with integral rainshield for Nexa audio and video panels.

  • Additional Information

    This Golmar surface backbox with integral rainshield is designed for use with the Golmar Nexa  panels.  This aluminum box has an integral rainshield for additional protection. Use of the flush mounting box is not required.

    Options available:

    N871/AL for 1 module panels

    N872/AL for 2 module panels (2 H x 1 W)

    N873/AL for 3 module panels (3H x 1 W)

    N874/AL for 4 module panel (2H x 2 W)

    N876/al for 6 module panels (3H x 2W)

    N8741/AL for 4 module panels (4H x 1W)




    • Aluminium
    • Integral rainshield
    • Flush mounting box not required


  • Dimensions


    N871/AL:- 134mm x 156mm x 58 to 80mm (at top of rainshield)

    N872/AL:-134mm x 258.5mm x 58 to 80mm 

    N873/AL:- 134mm x 361mm x 58 to 80mm 

    N874/AL:- 234mm x 259mm x 58 to 80 mm.

    N876/AL - 234mm x 361mm x 58 to 80mm

    N8741/AL - 134mm x 464mm x 58 to 80mm 


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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