Flush anti vandal audio kit.

Golmar K-201-GRF Anti-Vandal Kit

  • Golmar K-201-GRF Anti-Vandal Kit

    The door panels for the Golmar K-201-GRF Anti-Vandal Kit are injected aluminium vandal resistant (IK-09) and weatherproof (IP-44), in a graphite colour.

    The system has an electronic call with acoustic acknowledgment signal at the door panel

    The door panel has illumination.

    Designed for use with 12Vac lock release. There is no release supplied with this kit.

    You can have up to three telephone handsets in the same apartment.

    Surface boxes are available MP/GRF simple surface box or MP-VIS/GRF which has a built in rain shield.

    Also available rain shield only VIS-295/GRF.


    Panel dimensions: 144mm x 144mm
    backbox: 131mm x 131mm 45mm


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