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7375 Fermax Skyline 1 button module

7375 Fermax Skyline 1 button module

  • Additional Information

    Fermax: 7375 1 PUSH. 101 V – VDS/BUS2 SKYLINE

    SKYLINE panel call push-button modules, for fitting into the panel frame. Developed for VDS and BUS2 systems. No call extension modules required.


    • Consumption: 3 MA (lighting by push-button row).
    • Injected Zamak chrome finish Call buttons, in line with the curved panel profile.
    • Sealed for outdoors.
    • Equipped with special gold plated contacts providing lasting durability.
    • Pressing the call button is confirmed by an acoustic signal from the amplifier.
    • Push-buttons include a polycarbonate card slot (front access) to insert a label with the home owners name and door number.
    • Built in lighting lets you see the card slots, even in pitch dark.
    • Metallic with a streamlined shape in line with the panels curved profile.
    • Push-button module assembly is extremely simple.

    Once the combination of modules is chosen according to the number of homes, we fit them into the panel frames. The mounting system consists of a gentle pressure from inside outwards. Finally, the different push-button modules are linked by means of the easy plug-in connectors included. Simple and dual push-button modules available.

    It is possible to combine two or more panels, as long as they are from the same series, to achieve greater capacity for push-button and accessories.

    Module Dimensions.

    V module: 105,2 x 47,5 mm (width-height):

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