1 button Quadra Kit with Mini hands free monitor - 2 wire

Comelit Quadra Kit 8461V

  • The Comelit Quadra Kit 8461V is supplied to suit a 1 button – 1 family set up but it can quickly and easily be changed into a 2 button/2 family or 4 button/4 family system. By simply changing  the button witht he additional buttons supplied in the kit and then purchasing additional monitors to suit.

    This 2 wire video kit comes with a surface mount, sleek and sophisticated, entrance panel and a Comelit Mini colour monitor – hands free version .



    • 4893 entrance panel
    • 6721 video monitor
    • Colour camera with wide field of vision
    • White LED for illumination
    • Icons and indicator LEDs
    • DDA compliant
    • Panel manufactured from die-cast aluminium
    • Robust and has an impact protection rating of IK10
    • Wall-mounted hands-free monitor
    • Full-duplex audio and 4.3″ 16/9 colour screen
    • Brightness control
    • Adjustable ringtone volume
    • Customisable ringtone melody
    • 5 sensitive touch back-lit controls for audio activation, door-opening, self-ignition, switchboard call, privacy service
    • LED signalling for the door status
    • 2 x 8-position DIP-SWITCH for user code programming and button programming
    • The wall-mounting  backplate and riser distribution terminal – 1214/2C are included





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