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BPT AGT A X1 audio handset

BPT AGT A X1 audio handset


AGT is the handset intercom characterized by the essential lines and ergonomic handset with magnetic hang-up that eliminates the risk of falling or incomplete contact.
Soft touch buttons for this  X1 version,

  • Features

    AGT A

    • Handset intercom with soft-touch buttons.
    • 1 programmable AUX button.
    •  White.
    • Equipped with button for ringtone adjustment/exclusion.
    • Wall-mounted. 
    • compatible X1 system. 
  • Dimensions

    AGT A.

    116 x 190 x 44,5 mm

  • Additional information

    Desk mounting unit available. 

    See:   AGT KT A 

  • Details







    If you are 'trade' you can apply for a 'trade log in' which will give you access to the Safelink trade discount store:  apply for trade status here.


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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