AES Styluscom Audio kit

AES Styluscom Audio kit


A new audio kit  from AES to compliment the Styluscom range.



  • Wired intercom system.
  • Up to 2 gates.
  • A maximum of 4 handsets
  • Easy to use
  • Up to 300m on shielded Cat 5 cable
  • Intercall between handsets. 
  • Additional information

    The Styluscom audio kit is available with or without keypad. 

    The kit consists of:

    • 1 x speech panel ( with or without keypad)
    • 1 x handsfree audio hanndset
    • 2 x power supplies.

    The curved architectural panels are made of marin grade stainless steel with gloss acrylic trim. 

    The audio handset has a sleek design with a gloss white screen trim. Is wall mountable with touch sensitive buttons and volume control. 


  • Dimensions

    Stylus 4.3- AUD - handsfree audio unit:

    180 x 130 x 25mm

    Styluscom AUD-AB-CP: panel

    144 x 192 x 40mm

    Styluscom-AUD-ABX-CP: panel with keypad

    144 x 297 x 40mm

  • Trade Discounts

    If you are 'trade' you can apply for a 'trade log in' which will give you access to the Safelink trade discount store:  apply for trade status here.