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AES Cellcom KEYCELL auxiliary units

AES Cellcom KEYCELL auxiliary units

PriceFrom £187.00


The new standalone GSM/4G Keypad system.


  • Additional information

    • Up to 6 of these  auxiliary units can be connected to a master unit: Relay 1 and 2 on master unit; relays 3 to 8 on auxiliary units.

    • Can have a mix of keypads & prox reader units in one set up.

    • DDA LEDS on each auxiliary unit indicates correct or incorrect code/card used.

    • Relay on every auxiliary unit that can be set via a dip switch.

    • Keypad tones/ confirmation sound can be adjusted on auxiliary units.

    • Units are wired via 5 cores of cat 5 cable.


    For more information have a look at this datasheet

  • Options

    There are three options for use as the Master unit and the auxiliary units 

    Keypad only

    Keypad and Proximity



    You can mix and match units. 



  • Details







    If you are 'trade' you can apply for a 'trade log in' which will give you access to the Safelink trade discount store:  apply for trade status here.


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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