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4K Series  - Videx Audio Kits -Flush

4K Series - Videx Audio Kits -Flush

PriceFrom £115.50

4K series audio kit. Flush mounting with 3011 audio handset.

  • Additional information

    The multi way kits comprise of:
    A panel with the appropriate number of call buttons, power supply unit, and the appropriate number of handsets. The panel dimensions will change to incorporate the additional call buttons.


    Image for illutstrion purposes only (surface kit shown ) 


    There is no release mechanism included in these kits. For releases see related products.


    For larger or more complex systems using this product, please call our sales team on 020 8361 2444 or you can e-mail us at

  • Kit comprises of:

    The basic 1 way audio kit comprises of:
    1 x flush mount door panel and backbox  with call button and nameplate (Dimensions: W 160mm x x H 135mm x D 16mm + 45mm backbox )
    1 x 321 psu ( or 322 for larger kits) 
    1 x 3011 wall mount handset with electronic call tone and door release facility. (Dimensions: W 85mm x H 218mm x D 55mm)

    Larger kits will have appropriate numebr of call buttons and matching numebr of handsets with a suitable psu. 


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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