A  surface mounted GSM Door Entry System employing mobile phone technology to communicate and operate doors and automatic gates.

Videx 4K - GSM intercom systems

  • Based on the 4000 Series door entry panel design, the GSM amplifier is totally self contained and only requires an external power supply and antenna while having the flexibility to combine with the full range of the 4000 series module features



    • Available with up to 10 call buttons
    • Can dial any land line or mobile number
    • Also has ability to divert a call to a second number when first is busy or not answered
    • Dry contact relay output
    • Auxiliary output (open collector)
    • Push to exit and auxiliary inputs
    • Programmable via SMS or dial in
    • Access control feature for up to 250 users(SIM card dependent)
    • It is possible to check the signal strength via SMS
    • Furthermore, the programming menu protected by programmable 4 digit code.
    • And finally, there is an automatic call facility to retain the network connection if the system is not used for long periods of time.


    Surface mounting systems are available.


    You can order up to a 6 way system from this site – for larger systems please call our sales team.

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