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BSTL Door Entry + Codelock - CS 109 VR range

BSTL Door Entry + Codelock - CS 109 VR range

PriceFrom £458.90

BSTL CS-109 range coded audio systems but with a stainless steel VR panel.  Illuminated keypad buttons. VR push buttons. Engraving adjacent to button. 

  • Additional Information

    It is often a requirement for a door entry telephone system to include the facility of a coded access system.

    This allows residents or legitimate personnel the means of entry to the building by the operation of an integral keypad at the main entrance panel.

    This sytem utilises a panel mount stainles steel keypad in a stainless steel plate..

    The system has an independant and secure controller.

    Available from a single button system upwards.

    The unit offers ten user access codes and a wide range of programmable functions. It has a red and a green LED to indicate system staus.

    Available with a flush  mount or surface mounted panel - select the option preferred.

    Multi-way systems  will comprise the appropriate number of handsets and call buttons. 

    Note: The entrance panels will vary in size to accommodate the additional call buttons

  • Kit Includes:

    System example:

    The CS109-1VR system comprises of:-


    • 1 x model 801 handset 
    • 1 x model CP109-1VR  flush mount, 1 button entrance panel 
    • 1 x model 61 speech amplifier 
    • 1 x model 340 power supply 
    • 1 x model 203 surface mount lock release
    • 1 x 200 boxed controller 

    Stadard engraving for button identification is included in the price. Additional engraving requirements will be charged separately

    Full installation and programming instructions.


    For larger systems please call our sales team. 

    It is possible to add Tradesman facility if required. 

    Templates will be sent out to capture engraving requirements. 

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You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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