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Product updates: keeping you informed!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023


bell power supply

The new PS4A from Bell System Telephones is available from Safelink.

This 4amp DC psu will eventually become the BSTL one power supply that ‘fits all’ making it a lot easier and simpler for everyone.

It has already replaced the 340C and will eventually replace the 212, 225 and the current PS4.

The 212 will now only be supplied in the 901 audio kit. All larger kits will have the PS4A.

We currently have a few 212 transformers in stock but when they are gone they are gone! you will then need to order the PS4A.

And don't forget that the new "bellprox" proximity access system is available now. It can be supplied in standalone format or built into audio or video panels

You can contact our sales team for more information and to get prices on a configuration to suit your customers requirements. Call us on 020-8361-2444


Did you know that Comelit-PAC have added transmitters and receivers to their range.

These can be used on both PAC systems and also on Simplekey systems.

The Mifare Transmitters are available in Blue and Yellow with reliable long lasting batteries and offer up to 120m range when used with the receiver and remote antenna.

This versatile Receiver allows remote opening of car park barriers, gates, garage doors, DDA applications etc. Each module has a capacity to store up to 1500 transmitters, and the device offers an adjustable timer ranging from 1 to 60 seconds, with a pre-set default of 2 seconds, providing flexibility for door operation

A quick reminder that you can find the latest 511 DCI Controller on our web store and you can of course order on-line, over the phone or indeed in person from our Trade Counter!

The 511DCI controller has been designed to bring flexibility to the PAC access control range and to significantly reduce installation costs. As always, it is available in both DIN mount and Boxed PSU versions. In the boxed variant the 3amp psu makes it simple to power any lock without additional costs.

GDX. Be aware that Comelit-Pac have now issued new part numbers for the GDX products as they have been assimilated into the Comelit range.

Never fear - we have the conversion for you. Just quote either the new part number or the old familiar part number and we can sort it out!


Golmar have introduced a new digital 2 wire panel to their G2+ range.

The new Sixty 5 (6502 G2+ )

Colour finish options
New Sixty 5 panel:

This feature packed panel is available in a standard aluminium finish or a black finish.

"Sixty 5" is a compact panel, with a solid structure and a clean design, which thanks to the combination of anodized aluminium and acrylic, reaches IP65 and IK07 degrees of protection.

The 130º wide-angle camera allows you to clearly see who is calling at the door, and the 4.3” TFT screen shows the image of the visitor while calling or in communication, letting them know they are being monitored. It is also possible to obtain other viewing angles by using a CCTV camera.

This is a panel that avoids barriers for people with special needs, improving the accessibility thanks to visual status indications, acoustic messages and the built-in inductive loop amplifier, all as standard. The optional information module is a great help for those visitors who are not used to calling with coded panels.

You can download a brochure here or check it out on YouTube.

Golmar also recently launched new access control options. The CodeProx -N and Bio-N readers.

The CodeProx- N, as the name implies, combines keypad and proximity access. The Bio-N is a combined fingerprint and proximity reader.

Both are available in stand-alone format or can be built into the Nexa, Nexa Inox and custom built panels.

We hope we have informed you well - watch out for further product updates.

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