The distibution unit 316C is for the  digital VX2200 range of video door entry systems.

Videx 316C distribution box

  • The 316C distribution box is specifically designed for the digital VX2200 video systems. This unit enables installers to use standard Cat 5 cable with RJ45 connectors for making the connections between the videophones and the riser. Most installers will be very familiar with the use of RJ45 connections in the fields of access control, door entry and CCTV. This new unit will simplify the installation and help the installer in any fault finding should the need arise.


    The new distribution unit is for use with the 6000 Series range of videophones. This includes the model 6276 a 3.5” videophone, model 6378 a 3.5” handsfree video monitor, model 6478 a  4.3” handsfree video monitor and the 6778 7” handsfree video monitor.

    These videophones also include an RJ45 connector.


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