Nexa video door phone kit with 2-wire technology.

Composed of:

  • N1110/AL one push button grille module.
  • EL632/G2+ SE sound module with colour camera.
  • N6001/AL assembling set.
  • NCEV-90CS embedding box.
  • ART 7 LITE/G2+ 7" hands-free monitor.
  • FA-G2+ Power supply.

N5110/Art7 Lite video kit

    Hands-free monitor for surface installation.
    7" screen with capacitive navigation buttons.
    High efficiency loudspeakers.
    Audio communications, video and secret door opening.
    Video-spy functions, auto-start, doctor mode and do not disturb.
    Intercommunication with other units of the house selectively.
    Personalization of ring tones.
    Connection to the entrance door pushbutton, which saves the use of the doorbell.
    Output to auxiliary call repeater.

    Up to 4 monitors in the same house without additional power.
    Power supply FA-G2+.
    Use 12V d.c. lock release (does not include lock release).
    Recommended lock release: CV-24P/UNI (20600252)


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