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N3403/AL graphic display module

N3403/AL graphic display module


Graphic display module for Nexa aluminium coded panel.



  • Additional information

    USB port for system programming through "Memedit" software (available for Windows® and Android® based devices).

    • Transmission of the repertory content to other door panels and concierge units through the installation wires.
    • Selectable language.
    • Programmable lock release activation time between 0 and 99 seconds.
    • Cyclic messages with instructions for use, time, user text and system status are shown in the display.
    • Automatic programming and code diagnostic of the apartment units.

    It is possible to assign one access code for each repertory register. Each access code can activate a different combination of relay outputs (up to three), and can be operated during one of the eight available time frames.

  • Additional information

    Front of 1.8mm. thick anodized extruded aluminium.

    Needs to be combined with EL632 or EL642 sound modules (except GB2 models).

    128 x 64 dots OLED yellow display module with polycarbonate protection.

    Navigation and call buttons.




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