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N3000/Bio-N  - fingerprint and proximity module

N3000/Bio-N - fingerprint and proximity module


Kit for integration of BIO-N reader on Nexa aluminium panel.

Includes the following items:

1 x BIO-N reader.

1 x Special N3000 adapter module.

  • Features

    • 125KHz waterproof proximity and fingerprint reader with Wiegand 26 technology
    • For IP OPENER Wiegand controllers or stand-alone operation
    • Capacity for up to 100 users per fingerprint and 900 per card
    • Capacitive fingerprint sensor
    • Admits PROKEY ID and TAGKEY ID cards and fobs
    • Three contact output relay (C, NO and NC)
    •  IP66 protection
    • For installation on Nexa panel use:  kit N3000/BIO-N (Nexa aluminium) or kit NX3000/BIO-N (Nexa stainless steel)
    • In stand-alone mode requires 12Vdc power supply.
  • Specifications

    Module for incorporating Bio-N reader into Nexa panels


    Material Aluminium and black ABS plastic
    Protection rating IP66
    Input voltage 12/18Vdc
    Current Standby: <30mA Active: <120mA
    Capacity 989 users ( 890 cards and 99 fingerprints) 
    Fingerprint reader

    Resolution: 500DPI

    Id time: < 1s

    FAR: < 0.01%

    FRR: <0.1%

    Reading frequency    

    EM125 KHz
    Reading range 0-6cm

    NO, NC, common

    2A max.

    Transmission format Wiegand 26


    Electronics: 48 x 62 x 25mm

    Working temp range -25 ~60 degrees Celcius
    Working humidity 0- 98% (non-condensing) 


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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