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Golmar Tekna S Plus colour monitor

Golmar Tekna S Plus colour monitor


Tekna S Plus colour monitor for "Plus" system installations  using CAT 5 or 3 wires + coax.



  • Additional Information

    The latest style colour video monitor from Golmar Systems.

    Among the new features on this monitor is the introduction of an alternative programming method using DIP switches, making programming quick and easy.

    This S Plus monitor is manufactured in white ABS – RAL9003 colour. It has a detachable cord with connectors and can be wall-mounted using the supplied metal wall mounting connector or desk mounted using the desktop accessory. SOB-UNI.

    Main features are:

    • Privacy on audio, video, and door open progress.
    • On-Off push button with light indicator.
    • Input for EL562S receiver module. This allows video signal reception through a twisted pair cable, replacing the coaxial cable.
    • Input for door bell apartment push button.
    • Different call reception tones are generated depending on where the call is coming from.
    • Three positions call volume regulator.
    • There is the ability to automatically activate the lock when a call is received.
    • Uses the lock release push button to call to the concierge unit.


  • Additional Information

    Additional useful features are:

    • Panic call to the concierge unit and connection to a second concierge.
    • Background tones in the telephone handset confirm outgoing calls are in progress.
    • An output for activation of a SAV-90 call repeater or a SAR-12/24 relay unit during call reception.
    • Two programmable buttons for the activation of auxiliary devices (second camera, lights, …), using SAR-12/24 relay units.
    • Selectable intercommunication between TEKNA-S PLUS units (up to five) in the same apartment. During intercom function, a call from the door panel can be attended.
    • Use D4L-Plus/RJ45 or D6L-Plus/2H video distributors in case of CAT5 installation or D4L-Plus video distributors in case of coaxial cable installations, according to the wiring run.
    • The maximum number of units inside the same apartment, without additional power supplies, is three.

  • Dimensions and Downloads

    Dimensions: 200 x 220 x 54 mm


    Downloads Installation manual 


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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