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Golmar S5110/ART7 Lite 2 wire video kit

Golmar S5110/ART7 Lite 2 wire video kit


Colour video kit - 2 wire G2+ technology 

  • Kit includes

    “Soul” video kit with 2-wire technology.

    • SOUL/1 vandal-proof outdoor panel with call button.
    • Monitor ART 7/G2+ Lite     7″ hands-free monitor
    • Power supply FA-G2+.

    Use 12V d.c. lock release (kit does not include lock release).
    Recommended lock release: CV-24P/UNI (20600252).

  • Additional information

    ART  7/G2+ Lite colour monitor 


    Hands-free monitor for surface installation.
    7″ screen with capacitive navigation buttons.
    High-efficiency loudspeakers.
    Possibility for selective intercommunication with other units of the house.
    Selection of ring tones.
    The system allows up to 4 monitors in the same house without additional power.


    222(W) x 154(H) x 15(D) mm.



    Zamak front in a graphite finish.
    CMOS 120º camera.
    Vandal resistant (IK-07) and weatherproof (IP-44) door panel.
    Auto-start LEDs depending on outdoor lighting.
    Colour guide icons indicate the different states of the system (call in progress, communication, door opening or occupied system).
    Metallic call button.
    Relay output for activation of two doors.
    Possibility for connection to analogue CCTV camera.
    Surface installation.

    90(W) x 170(H) x 27(D) mm.


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