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Proximity Cards For NFC Module

Proximity Cards For NFC Module

PriceFrom £1.92

Programming and user cards for EL4502/NFC module.


Each system will require a Master Card and User cards and potentially an Installer card.

Depending on the system you can also select single-use cards and multi-use cards.


You can give out a single use card that will only work once. These cards are not re-usuable.

The Multi use card can be loaded with the required number of uses. After the loaded uses have been redeemed the card can be re-loaded and re-used.


  • Additional Information

    This is a range of cards available for use with the EL4502/NFC proximity module:

    NFC/IN Installer Card for reader programming

    NFC/US User cards

    NFC/MC System Master Card

    NFC/MU Proximity card with a programmable number of uses ( up to 100)
    Not rechargeable.

    NFC/1U Proximity cards programmable for one use.
    Single use  – rechargeable card


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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