Hands free audio unit.

Golmar NHEA GB2

  • Nhea GB2 – 2 wire, hands-free audio unit.

    • Casing manufactured in polished ABS white colour.
    • Capacitive touch buttons with acoustic confirmation on the press.
    • Surface installation of 19mm. depth only.
    • Unit programming through dip-switch.
    • Full duplex audio communication.
    • Privacy on audio and door open progress.
    • Do not disturb function with light indication.
    • Input for door bell apartment push button that saves the use of a doorbell.
    • Different call reception tones depending on where the call is coming from Door panel, doorbell switch, and intercom.
    • Two positions call volume and audio level regulators.
    • Intercommunication with other GB2 monitors in the same apartment.
    • Additional push button to activate a second lock connected to the door panel.

    Compatible with other  “GB2” units

    The maximum number of units inside the same apartment is four.


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