Golmar a.c. standard lock release, adjustable bolt unlock function, long shield.

Golmar CV-14EL a.c. standard lock release

    • Adjustable bolt
    • Unlock function. manual switch, enables door to be kept in unlocked, open position
    • Long shield
    • Failsecure
    • Casing manufactured in 2mm thick pressure injected light alloy
    • Adjustable bolt on all models, allowing 3mm precision
    • Mechanical unlock function on some models allows the door to be opened at any time
    • Standard: only enables the door to be opened while the telephone lock release push button is pressed
    • On digital installations the lock release is activated for a period of 3 seconds with just one push
    • Operation voltage from 8v to 12v a.c. (750mA consumption) or d.c.(DC models 300mA consumption)


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