Fermax Skyline Frame 7341

  • The Fermax Skyline Frame 7341 is part of the Skyline range.

    The New SKYLINE electronic and video entry panel is a robust and elegant panel that stands out for its durability, beauty, resistance and reliability.

    SKYLINE is a new line of modular composition continuous profile electronic and video entry outdoor panels from FERMAX. The line consists of 8 different-sized frames where the different modules can easily be fitted push-buttons, card slots, camera, amplifier, access control, etc. The frames let you fit a given number of modules. There are two module sizes: V and W. W modules are twice as wide as the V modules.

    It is possible to combine two or more panels, as long as they are from the same series, to achieve greater capacity for push-button and accessories.


    • REF. 7341 SKYLINE FRAME 1V (S1)
    • SKYLINE Frame 1V
    • Series 1 Panel


    Panel measurements: 130×128 mm (width-height)
    Flush-fit box dimensions: 115x114x45 mm (height-width-depth)
    Surface mounted box dimensions: 130x128x33 mm (height-width-depth)

    V module: 105,2×47,5 mm (width-height)
    W module: 105,2×95 mm (width-height)

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