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EL655 sound module

EL655 sound module

  • For Nexa push buttons door panels.
  • 4+n analogue installation.
  • For systems with one access door only.
  • Additional information

    The necessary components for a 4+n system with one access are:

    • Use an EL655 sound module.
    • When systems with more than 2 push buttons, order as many EL610A analog push buttons electronic modules as required for the panel. In case of panels with more than one horizontal module, use one RAP-610A link cable for each additional horizontal module.
    • Use electronic or buzzer call telephones with 4+’n’ installation according to the sound module call type. The maximum number of units inside the same apartment is three.
    • A TF-104 transformer will be required for the door panel.
    • Use a 12V a.c. lock release.
  • Additional information

    • Sound module with independent door panel and telephone adjusting level volume.
    • Removable terminal connector for easy wiring.
    • Electronic call or buzzer with acoustic acknowledgement signal.
    • Connection to push button modules using small flat cables provided with the modules.
    • Includes two push buttons


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer
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