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BSTL - bellprox fobs

BSTL - bellprox fobs


bellprox fobs are for use with the bellprox standalone proximty reader systems. 

New proximity access range from Bell Systems!

  • Additional information

    This new proximity access range from Bell systems is a stand alone proximity system.

    No pc required. 

    Based on a shadow card set up.

    Mifare 13.56Mhz technolgy

    Enroll up to 1000 fobs-users. 

    Sold in packs of 10

  • Pack contains:

    Each fob pack contains:

    21 Bell Mifare fobs with custom enhanced security coding (10 users, 10 shadow, 1 programming)

    An AS sheet of labels with pair of labels (user and shadow) with matching serial numbers and one marked Program

    An A4 pocket sheet (wallet) for storing the program and shadow fobs

    Record sheet for recording users


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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