Coded access system for controlling access through doors via keypad.

BSTL Bellcode Access Systems

  • These BSTL coded access systems are high quality, versatile security products for controlling access through doors by means of a digital keypad and lock release. The use of a separate controller ensures that no amount of tampering with the keypad will undermine the the systems security.



    The main features are:-

    • Ten access codes ( programmable from 1 to 8 digits)
    • Timed outputs for failsafe and failsecure lock releases
    • All functions stored in a protected non-volatile “EEPROM” memory
    • Provision for a “push to exit” switch input
    • Space for and additional 201 control PCB for second door and keypad
    • additionsl programming functions include: lock duration (1-99 secs) , lock control time (0-99 secs), alarm duration (1-99 secs), key limit (o-99 keystrokes), code entry time (0-99secs), duress mode


    All keypads have a green and red LED to indicate system status to the user.



    200 controller: 230 x 185 x 45mm
    218 keypad: 103 x 66 x 20mm
    216 keypad: 135 x 90 x 30mm
    217 keypad: 132 x 40 x 27mm


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