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BSTL 200 boxed controller

BSTL 200 boxed controller


Boxed controller for the  Bellcode Coded Access system

  • Additional Information

    The bellcode Coded Access system is a high quality, versatile security product, controlling access via a keypad and an electric lock release mechanism.


    Basic Operation
    The model 200 Controller may be programmed with up to ten unique access codes. If a valid code is entered on the keypad, the lock release will operate for a preset duration.
    The controller may be programmed to operate an audible alarm under various circumstances, for example, if an invalid code has been repeatedly entered. The alarm will operate for a preset period, during which time the lock release cannot operate.


    Compatible with 216, 217 and 218 keypads.
    Also used in systems where access control is combined with audio or video systems.



    Output Voltage: 13.8V (nominal)
    Load (maximum): 0.5A (load inductive or resistive)
    Output Voltage: 13.8V (nominal)
    Load (maximum): 50mA
    PCB Only: 152mm x 76mm
    ABS Enclosure: 230mm x 185mm x 45mm

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