Aarlm Kit with optional GSM connectivity.

Blaupunkt Q-Pro 6300 Home Alarm Kit

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  • Q-Pro 6300 Alarm Kit.


    Visual verification with the Q-Pro

    Thanks to the possibility of visual verification, you can ensure reliable monitoring. When the alarm system detects a suspicious situation, the camera automatically takes pictures or videos. You get the photos or videos directly on your smartphone. This will enable you to assess the situation and act appropriately.


    Visual verification is possible with the:
    – IP HD system camera IPC-S1
    – PIR-sensor with camera IRC-S2

    • Hybrid Connectivity: Ethernet + optional GSM
    • Wall mounting with tamper protection to prevent sabotage attempts
    • Large variety of wireless accessories for burglary, home automation and hazard protection (up to 50)
    • Smart Home with Zigbee technology: Steer heating system, track energy consumption, control electric appliances and Zigbee smart light bulbs
    • Optional HD System Camera IPC-S1, with pre-recording of alarm event,2-way-communication, etc.
    • Optional Premium Service: Video cloud storage and alarm call service




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