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ACT Pro 4000 2 Door Controller

ACT Pro 4000 2 Door Controller


The ACTpro 4000 is a two door controller that can extend to a total of 16 doors via ACTpro door stations

  • Additional Information

    Up to 250 ACTpro 4000s may be networked via a PC interface to facilitate up to 4,000 doors. The ACTpro 4000 can support 60,000 users.



    • 60,000 users
    • 1,024 user groups
    • 256 time zones
    • TCP/IP Networking
    • 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
    • Flash upgradeable firmware
    • Timed anti passback
    • Entry and exit reader support
    • DDA individual timer facility
    • Voltage monitoring
    • Low bandwidth requirements
    • DHCP or Static IP address
    • Auto discovery simplifies installation
    • Quick download speeds for large databases
    • Monitor controller status via a web page
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You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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