Bellini combined audio and coded access system

TRADE BSTL Bellini Coded Audio System

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System Size *number of apartments
  • It is possible to have up to three handsets in one apartment.Available with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 buttonsFeatures:The panels are manufactured from anodised alluminium in a contemporary design and have black plastic trims with contrasting chrome push buttons and speech grille. The front panels are hinged from the back box for ease of installation and the hinges can easily be changed form one side to the other to asist when fitting in tight locations.The panels incorporate the C106 stand alone keypad. This keypad can be programmed with up to 10 unique access codes and has a range of programmable functions


    1 way + keypad: 285 x 100 x 35mm

    2 way + keypad: 310 x 100 x 35mm

    3 way + keypad: 335 x 100 x 35mm

    4 way + keypad: 310 x 100 x 35mm

    6 way + keypad: 335 x 100 x 35mm

  • Each system includes a surface mounting bellini panel with integral keypad,

    white wall-mounting telephones,

    speech unit

    power supply.