Single family video kit.

TRADE BPT b-RED Video Kit VK01

£238.00 Regular Price
£202.30Sale Price
  • The BPT b-RED Video Kit VK01 is simple to install



    • Video kit
    • Single family properties in mind
    • Can be expanded up to 4 monitors and 2 entry panels
    • User can answer a call at the door panel and activate a door release
    • Self connection to the entry panel to check on what/who is outside
    • 1 x  Wall mount, hands free, colour monitor 3.5” TFT
    • Push buttons for: communication activation, door lock release, camera preview, intercom call
    • 1 x Plug-in power supply 220VAC/ 14.5VDC
    • 1 x  Entry panel – wall mount, with blue LED illuminator push – button, rain cover, colour CCD camera with fixed lens and IR illuminator


    If an additional monitor is required this would be the VRS01