SL2 12v 1Amp psu.

Safelink SL2 PSU

  • The Safelink SL2 is a 12v 1 amp psu and is supplied in a moulded housing - black moulded base with light grey moulded screw fixed lid. This unit has been designed to enable the incorporation of the Quadrat range of PCBs (see the Safelink range of relays and timer PCBs.)


    Overall dimensions:

    207mm x 195mm x 82mm.

  • Fixings supplied for a battery rack that will hold in place an SAC8 - 12v 2.1 amp battery. Addition of the battery thus giving battery backup facility at a very small additional cost. To add battery back up facility - order 1 x SAC8 and 1 x SAC8/A  - see related products.

    The housing has cable entry knockouts and cable clamps.
    This is a 12v/8v DC & 12v 1/2 wave AC boxed PSU with fused input and output and trickle charge facility for battery backup.