7400 Fermax Skyline   audio module

7400 Fermax Skyline audio module



  • Additional Information

    The 7400 audio module (amplifier module) is for inclusion in SKYLINE electronic door entry panels.

    The module (audio unit) incorporating the electronic circuits needed for audio system operation, opening the door, etc. in electronic door entry installations. With volume controls, both in street-home and home-street direction, so that the installer can set the optimum level.


    • Power supply:
      – Audio: 12 VAC
      – Video: 18 VDC
    • Consumption:
      – in standby: 180 MA.
      – call: 700 MA.
      – active audio: 480 MA.
      – audio+video: 560 MA (camera consumption: 80mA)
      – Card slot module LED lighting: 35 MA per module.
    • IPK-437
    • Audio capacity home-outdoor panel: 2W
    • Audio capacity outdoor panel-home: 0.15W
    • Two-way volume control
    • Operating temperature: -10 to 60 ?C
    • Module for fitting to New SKYLINE Panel frame.

    Conventional System: uses wires common to the whole installation plus 1 call wire (or call return) per home..

    Recommended in small to medium-sized buildings (up to 50 residents approx), with several accesses and central guard unit. For residential complexes with general entrance and interior blocks.

    – Audio door entry system: 4 common wires + N (1 call wire per home).


    W module: 105,2×95 mm (width-height)

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