1 station Mono video kit

Fermax Mono City Video Kit 4960

£385.00 Regular Price
£220.00Sale Price
  • The Fermax Mono City Video Kit 4960 contains all the materials needed for immediate start up, excluding cable and lock release.

    Your requirements for these items will depend on the cable run required in your property and the type of door and lock on your home. Seek advice from our sales team.


    • Speech amplifier 130mm x 128mm
    • Flush back box 115mm x 114mm x 45mm
    • Mono VDS Loft monitor with surface connector back-plate 220mm x 203mm x 60mm
    • VDS (3+coax / 5 wires)
    • 1 x 1 button Cityline panel (48505) complete with mono camera and speech amplifier
      1 x flush back box (8948)
      1 x Mono VDS Loft monitor with surface connector back-plate (3305/3314)
      1 x Power supply; 18Vdc/1.5A – 12Vac/1.5A DIN10 (4810)
    • Surface mount boxes are available