Elvox 930a Speech Amplifier

Elvox 930a Speech Amplifier


Audio speech unit (type 930/000.04) complete with loudspeaker and amplified electret microphone.

  • Additional Information

    The Elvox 930a Speech Amplifier unit (type 930/000.04)



    • Complete with loudspeaker and amplified electret microphone
    • To be mounted on 1200, 1300, 2500, 2550, PATAVIUM, 3300 and 8000 series entrance panels
    • Use with power supplies type 931, 931A, 931/0CT, 938A, 6450, 6837, 837/0CT, 833, and 6680
    • Equipped with mobile microphone (with extension)
    • To be used on two-channel open voice systems or on installations with audio function subject to Larsen effect



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