Elvox 8875 handset

Elvox 8875 handset


Elvox 8875 audio handset

  • Additional Information

    Elvox 8875 “Sound System” Call Handset


    8875 – wall mounted audio handset  commonly used with Elvox Sound System door entry systems. The handset features an electronic call speaker and a high quality microphone.


    It is constructed from strong, high impact plastic and has a galvanised backplate.


    The two large easy to use buttons.

    One for door release while the other is a programmable auxiliary push button for a different function, such as controlling stair lights.



    • Duplex speech
    • Local doorbell input
    • Additional auxiliary push button
    • NO conversation privacy
    • Traditional wiring (4+1) for audio or video systems



    220 (H) x 75 (W) x 60 (D) mm

  • Connection information


    1        Speech In (Speaker)
    2        Speech Out (Mic)
    3        Common (link to 4/5)
    6        Call
    7        Lock

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