Hands free video monitor

Bticino 344522 Colour monitor

  • Bticino 344522 colour monitor: Bticino_Classe_100


    Product Description

    This handset free video monitor features a 4.3 inch colour LCD display which has clearly labelled icons making it easy to use. The user can use the options screen  to adjust the settings as well as other functions such as brightness and contrast.


    When more than one monitor is installed, the intercom function can be enabled, this will allow the user to communicate with other monitors within the system.


    It also features a hearing aid Induction loop system which is used to help people who are hard of hearing pick up sounds more clearly, by reducing background noise.



    • Visual LED status indicators
    • Induction loop for hearing aid users
    • Intercom function
    • Auxiliary functions



    171 x 171 x 27mm

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