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Assembling frames - Nexa Inox panels GOLD

Assembling frames - Nexa Inox panels GOLD

PriceFrom £135.99

Assembling frame modules  Nexa Inox  main panels.



2.5mm. thick ANSI 304 stainless steel.




  • Additional information

    These frames are required in order to assemble the panel configurations desired. 

    Mix and match as required.


    NOTES: NX6004 cannot be horizontally linked. 


  • Dimensions

    NX6001/GOLD - assmebling set for 1 module panel: 134(W) x 150(H) mm.

    NX6002/GOLD - assembling set for 2 module panel: 134(W) x 267(H) mm

    NX6003/GOLD - assembling set for 3 module panel: 134(W) x 384(H) mm

    NX6004/GOLD - assembling set for 4 module panel:  155(W) x 506(H) mm


You can also order by email or phone 020-8361-2444 if you prefer

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