AES – GSM keypads – three style options available.

AES GSM Keypad

  • AES GSM keypads.



    • Stand alone GSM keypad for access control
    • Architectural styles to match and compliment the AES architectural intercoms
    • Useful for adding as a pedestrian gate access or exit keypad
    • Stainless steel construction
    • 2 relays
    • 200 +  codes
    • psu included.
    • 2G / 3G and 4G kit options



    • 24v DC
    • 300mA/2A Peak –  200mA Per Slave Device
    • 2 x N/C and N/O  contacts
    • IP55 weather rating



    PRIME6 -KP-AB – AES Standalone keypad (2G).  Architectural S/S with stylish black acrylic trim.
    PRIME6 -KP-AB-3GE   as above –  3G – P.O.A.
    PRIME6 -KP-AB-4GE  as above – 4G – P.O.A.



    151 x 144 x 40  mm


    PRIME6-KP-AS – AES Standalonekeypad  (2G) Architectural S/S All steel.
    PRIME6-KP-AS-3GE  as above 3G – P.O.A.
    PRIME6-KP-AS -4GE – as above – 4G – P.O.A.



    151 x 144 x 40  mm

    PRIME6-KP-IMP – AES Standalonekeypad  (2G)  traditional shaped keypad with sleek black gloss faceplate, reinforced with stainless steel, textured powder-coated corrosion-resistant aluminium hood and stainless steel backplate.
    PRIME6-KP-IMG-3GE – as above 3G – P.O.A.
    PRIME6-KP-IMP-4GE –  as above 4G – P.O.A.



    166 x 100 x 60  mm

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