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New products, promotions and price changes!

Comelit-Pac Logos monitors;

Comelit have launch two new monitors, one handsfree (LS8731) but also a more traditional style with a handset (LS8701).

Both for use on Simplebus 2 systems. Both boasting enhanced design features such as:

  • a built in backplate for sturdy fixing

  • Micromechanical buttons with tactile and audible feedback

  • Convenient programming with settings easily configured via an OSD menu

  • Effortless set up using NFC technology and the MyComlit App

and much much more.

Check them out on our web page where you can download a full data sheet or call our sales team for more information 020-8361-2444


Fermax: BLUE

Have you heard about the updated BLUE app from Fermax?

BLUE allows you to have control over your home and the freedom of being anywhere.

The BLUE app for DUOX Plus evolving monitors is evolving, offering more convenience and security to the user. At no extra cost!

New features take the user experience to a whole new dimension - to a level where THE VOICE IS THE KEY.

Or call our sales team on 020-8361-2444.


AES special promotions:

AES are running regular promotions on different products throughout the year.

All promotions are available from SAFELINK but you need to be quick as they are usually for one month only! But you can also "cash in" any promotional vouchers you have received from your local AES sale rep. too .

April Offer: Call our sales team for prices and information.

Like for like equivalent products - kits/systems Get a 4G system for the equivalent IP system price!

for example: PRAE-4G-AB-EU would be only £720 trade list price instead of the usual £989. 

And don't forget: Safelink are also running special offers on a wide range of different brands and products throughout the year. These will run for differing lengths of time but will change regularly so keep on eye on our special offers page. Don't miss out !


Golmar access control:

Golmar have introduced to the UK their range of access control products: IP-Opener and Easygate including their range of 2SAFE readers and tokens.

A very flexible, scalable system to suit a wide range of applications.

  • The system offers two ways of management - local or via the cloud.

  • Different connection topologies - UTP, RS485 or a mixture

  • Multiple networks in the same installation - manage different site from a central location.

  • Security over 2 wires - 2 SAFE support AES (Advanced Encryption Technology)

Our sales team are on hand to give you advice on the most suitable range for your application.


Price updates:

Urmet and Fermax have new price lists effective from 1st April.

Aiphone will have a new price list effective from the 1st May.

However, CAME  have confirmed that they have a price freeze on the main CAME and CAME BPT product ranges. Although there has been a moderate increase in the price barrier arms and a few other products.

Don't forget to check any old quotations to ensure they are still valid ( 3 months from the date of the quote) if not ask our sales team for an updated price.

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