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Stay up to date with Safelink: Price change notifications and some new products.

We have had notification from two manufacturers of imminent price changes.

ACT: New prices effective from 1st December.

All our quotes are valid for three months. regardless of changes.

Our sales team can help you with pricing and availability.


AES: New prices effective from 1st December. In general a 4% price change but the prices for Praetorian IP/4G range and the Lite GSM products will remain at 2023 prices.

We will keep you informed as other manufacturers advise price changes.


Have you seen these products?

Looking for GSM Systems? We have a host of different offerings for you to choose from including BTP, Videx, IP Guard, Comelit, AES and 2T Technology!

They all have their own unique features to offer.

If you need any help you can call our sales team to talk through the different options.

Recently added to our pages the AES Cellcom Lite product range.

The range includes the interestingly styled "ARC" GSM intercom panel.

Available with or without keypad and finished in all Black or all Steel


Another GSM option is the new "Voyager Voice" GSM from 2T Technology.

As with all GSM options the kit offers a 1 button panel, psu and antennae.

The panel is available with or without a keypad . No SIM included.

The Voyager Voice kits are offered in two styles "Sleek" or "Hooded" .

Sitting alongside the BPT MTM kits, Videx 4K kits , the IP Guard range and Comelit GSM systems enables us to give you a real choice helping you to find the right product for your client.

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